Thursday - 4 Jun 2020 by pedsvij0

 I remember the days a few decades ago, when it was time to get our answer sheets after the exams.

Our hearts would go thumping with an extra lub-dup.

There used to be a cyclone inside till the marks were released. This tsunami of thoughts would last for a few minutes, a few hours, may be few days for some. A few would show that they are not interested and the rest would just pack the sheets in the bags which were square shaped those times.

I had forgotten those mid-school years but am experiencing the same cyclone when my daughter is in the same boat. I wouldn’t be affected by marks at this stage of life, but her sessions of crying and getting upset for 0.5 or 1 mark every now and then, would bring out the fire ball of anger from within her.

I would explain to her that a mark here or there would not matter in the long-run, but conceptual learning would do. Listening to this, my younger son had to tell her one day  “Didi just believe in yourself. “We don’t have to make a pickle out of the marks obtained” as mom always says.

I wonder why couldn’t our education system change over all these decades.

Learning can not be quantitative as someone has said, but the stakes are still attached to scores.

The short term memory is still regurgitated and evaluated. Would we ever be able to understand the concept of HOLISTIC LEARNING and “KNOW THYSELF”


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